4th Of July Parade
& After Party
July 4th 05'

Ahh the 4th Of July Parade!

We had 10 cars in this year. Some of our regulars were off at Limerock on the Race track!
This year we had Jim Moran driving Chuck Morrone's 67', Dave Johnson, Lew Sharp,
Martin Fahey, Roger Larence, The Prez, Arron Rocha (driving Lou's soon to be returned c5),
Lou Rocha (driving his new '04 commerative convertible,Joann Nolli & Debbie Purcell(in the Nolli car),
and Mike Purcell and Al Nolli (in the Purcell car). I imagine this drew attention
as Mike's car has the license plate "RCFIVE" as in "Our C5"!

After the Parade some returned to Roger & Nancy Larences' House For the after party.
We were met there by Chuck & Sharon Morrone, Donna & Carmen, along with neighbors of
Roger & Nancy. The club members did not scare them off so they must be tollerant people!
Also in attendance for the party, Jim & Joann Moran, Prez & Wife, Lou & Delores Rocha,
and Dave & MARIE Johnson (see Dave I do remember!)

Roger & Nancy did an excellent job with the food. They put together a very well organized party
even with Lou Rocha spilling soda all over the DECK! Nice one Lou!

Thanks again to Roger and Nancy!

Check Out All The Photos Below!


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