Break Out Run/Bud Brewery Pics are up! 5/30/05
Pictures from the Break Out Run/Budweiser Brewery Tour from 5/29/05 have been posted.
Check them out here!

Barrington Brewery Pics are up! 5/14/05
Pictures from the Great Barrington Brewery Dinner from 5/14/05 have been posted.
Check them out here!

(Things That Already Happened!)

Kneebones Pics Are Up 4/24/05
Pictures have been posted of the Kneebones Steakhouse dinner from 4/23/05. We had a GREAT turnout! 37 people enjoyed fine dining and the incredible NOISE level we tend to bring to everywhere we go! Thanks to Jack Carter for taking the photos for this event!

Great Barrington Brewery Dinner photos have been posted!
We had a great time at the Great Barrington Brewery on 5/14/05 Only 13 members were able to attend but we enjoyed the beer that they brew there as well as the great food. We plan to schedule another trip there later in the Summer. The owner has offered up the outdoor dining area for us to enjoy. Thanks to the wait staff and the owner for a GREAT TIME! Check out the pictures from the evening here!

Photos from the Piston Poppers Cruise Nite are up!
The first Piston Poppers cruise nite was held on 5/10/05 and Corvettes of Berkshire were there to support them! Check out the pictures here!

Petition to get rid of front plate
There is an on line petition to get rid of the front license plate. Check it out and sign it here!

NYC Auto Show Pics Up 4/5/05
Pictures have been posted of the New York City auto show. A BIG THANKS to Jim Contenta for taking the pictures at this event. The Prez had a previous commitment. Check them out here!

Events Calendar Updated 4/5/05
Some updates have been posted on the calendar page. Please check them out and make arrangements to attend as many as possible.

Another C5 in the club!
Lou and Delores Rocha have purchased a 2004 commerative addition convertible! Check out the pics here!

We've got a C6 in the club!
The Michaud's are the proud owners of a brand spankin' new C6! The car is a Black coupe with Cashmire interior. A 6 speed with the z51 handling package. Jim & Deb are sure to have fun with her!

Internation Dinner held on January 15th
Roger and Nancy Larence held the international dinner this time around. We all had a great time! We had a Texas hold-um poker tournament and a pool tournament. Both were a great time and the food wasn't bad either!

Elections held January 5th
The annual elections were held on January 5th. New officers include Jack Carter as Secretary as well as Vice President, and Roger Larence as our new treasurer. New board members include Gary Sharp and Larry Gattasso replacing Outgoing board members Ron Bellora and Don Lamoureux. Thanks to all those leaving offices and welcome to the new blood!

Christmas Party December 4th
The Christmas party was a great turn out this year. It was held at the Crowne Plaza in lovely downtown Pittsfield. Great views were enjoyed from atop the Plaza as well as a great meal and dancing into the night. A good time was had by ALL!

Fall Foliage Run October 17th
We had a good turn out and a fun time for the final run of the year. 17 members were present for our tour through New York and on into Vermont. We stopping for shopping in Bennington and Manchester with a stop at the Hemmings Museum in between. A final stop at laney's in Manchester for A GREAT dinner. A fun time was had by all as well as a nice NAP by one of our members. Check out the pictures in the event photos section!

Apple Squeeze September 19th
We met at the Friendly's on the Pittsfield/Lenox Rd at 10:00a.m. 9 cars were present for our display. Thanks to Butchy, Bob Hess, Gary Sharp, Lew Sharp, Jim Contenta, Mike Purcell, Jay Carter, Jack Carter,& Rodge Larence for helping out! Check out the pictures on the events page from the day!

A GREAT turnout for this event! We had 33 members in attendance! Food was great, the atmosphere was LOUD, & A good time was had by all. Since the dinner nights seem to be our best draw, we may be planning one a month for the winter at least. Details will follow soon! Check out all the photos from this event @ the event photos page!

Adirondack Attack Show September 12th
This was a GREAT weekend for a show! We had 5 cars go to this event. The weather could not have been better. Check out all the photos from this event @ the event photos page!

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