Jay Carter, President
1998 Fairway Green Convertible

Jack Carter, Vice Pres, Board Member
1998 Black Coupe
(not pictured 1973 Yellow Metallic Coupe)

Lew Sharp, Secratary
1993 White Coupe

Butch Eddy, Board Member
2002 Electron Blue Z06

Mike Purcell, Board Member
2004 White Convertible

Jim Contenta, Board Member
2001 Pewter Coupe

Gary Sharp, Board Member
2000 Silver Coupe

George Beeker, Founding Member
1964 Red Convertible
(Not pictured 1959, 1973, & 1996)

Nate Zuckermen, Member
1992 Red Convertible

Wayne Eastwood, Member
1968 Blue Convertible
(not pictured 2000 Pewter Coupe)

Dave Johnson, Member
1985 Red Coupe

George Miller, Member
2002 Red Convertible

Chuck Morrone, Member
1987 Blue Convertible
(not pictured 1967 Blue Convertible)

Martin Fahey, Member
1993 Torch Red Coupe

Jim Michaud, Member
2005 Black Coupe

Steve George, Member
2006 Victory Red Z06

David "Moe" Kingsley, Member
2003 Spiral Grey Convertible

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