Break Out Run/Brewery Tour
May 29th 05'

Ahhhhhhh the RAIN!!!!
Plenty of it was present for this years trip to the Merrimack, NH Budweiser Brewery.
This years attendees were Butch Eddy, Jack Carter, Jim & Deb Michaud, Ed & Arlene McDermott, Jay Carter, Tara Carter, Lou & Delores Rocha, Gary Sharp, & Lew Sharp.
Even thought the weather was crap the whole ride up, it turned out to be nice for the show.
At least in the beginning. We just walked into the Brewery to start our tour when the sky opened up! By the time we walked out of the tour, the show field had cleared and it was still pouring! We then headed to Margarita's Mexican Restaurant.
Aside from the weather, it was a fun time had by all.
Check out all the WET photos below!

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