Howe Caverns Tour
July 10th 05'

We had a GREAT day for this event! In attendance for this event
Gary Sharp, Lew Sharp, Jack Carter, Jim & Deb Michaud, Butch Eddy, Martin Fahey,
George & Carol Miller and The Prez and Daughter.

A great time was had by all. Although a number of us (almost everyone) have been
on the tour before, it is always interesting and something new is always noticed!
The boat ride at the end lacked the "total darkness" feature as in years past.
This was due to the overwhelming number in the cave on this particular day.

After the cave tour we headed down the road to find a place to eat. Jack was leading
and stopped at what appeared to be a "shady dive" but turned out to be a place with
huge portions, great food and very reasonably priced food! Nice call Jack!

Although the turnout on this event was better than the past few events, we will
schedule this tour again next year in hopes that more members ar present.

Check Out All The Photos Below!

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