Guptill's Cruise
June 13th 05'

Talk about a HOT TIME!
This was the hottest I can remember it being at this event!
Hot doesn't even begin to describe this adventure!
It was easily over a hundred on the blacktop but they still got a good turnout

Jack Carter & Myself left Pittsfield @ 1:30pm to attend this event.
We had to take Jack's 73' with NO A/C as this cruise puts a cap on the year of the car.
We met up with "Domino" Steve George and our syndicate of local cronies!
(Jimmy & Moe We Luv you guys!)
This cruise is worth going to just to listen to the stories these guys have!

George Beekers car was in the crowd but he was not spotted.
Hope to see more people at the next one, even if you go just to check it out!

Check Out All The Photos Below!

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