Guptill's Cruise
August 8th 05'

Actually a cooler one this time!
The cloud cover did not lift all day but the rain stayed away.
The display tent was in place by the entrance again thnks to
Steve George, Jimmy Cummings, & "Moe" Kingsley getting there
at 1:45p.m.! Now that's devotion!

Jack Carter & Myself left Pittsfield @ 2:00pm to attend this time around.
This time around due to the weather being cooler, it was not a bad ride in
the old 73'. We met up with Steve, Jimmy & Moe. Other members spotted
at the event were George Beeker, and Larry Gattasso.

There was also a special performance by the "KING" Elvis Presley was in the house!

Check Out All The Photos Below!

Nice Bug Collection!

Potential New Member!

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