Limerock Race Track C6R Event
July 2nd-4th 05'

Saturday July 2nd found Jack Carter & Lynn Eddy heading south to Limerock at 7 AM to join the Corvette Corral being hosted by the National Corvette Museum and the ZR1 Registry.
A large tent in the infield was the center of the corral,
cars from all over were in the corral along with new C6s and two 2006 ZO6s.
There were dignitaries such as Buzz Nielson, the head executive of the National Museum,
Harlan Charles and Karen Rafferty both from GM & the Corvette division who were interesting to talk to.

Sunday, July 3rd had Lynn Eddy, Gary & Lew Sharp attending the Corvette show put on by Limerock.

Monday, July 4th Jack Carter, Lynn Eddy and Gary Sharp made their way to Limerock
early enough to be registered by the corral in the ranks of the first 50 cars,
making them eligible to be three of the 50 cars to be in the parade laps
prior to the start of the American LeMans race.

Notes of interest from the folks at GM the base price on the Zo6 is $65,000 plus $800.00 for freight.
The silver car as seen in the pictures stickered at $69,995. The blue on slightly less at $67,800.
0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds all in 1st gear!

Check Out All The Photos Below!

Shots from BEHIND the wheel on the TRACK!

More shots from the rest of the day

Butchy takes a NAPPY!

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